EP Lari Basilio - Signed

EP Lari Basilio - Signed


EP Lari Basilio (2012). Get a hand signed copy by Lari Basilio.

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EP Lari Basilio - 2012

5 Tracks:
01 - Walking by Faith
02 - Gold (Feat.Felipe Andreoli)
03 - Musicatele (Feat.Adriano Daga)
04 - Hey Brother!
05 - Do You Need Words?


Guitars: Lari Basilio. Second solo on "Hey Brother", by Joe Basilio.

Drums:  Pedro Basilio.

Bass: Samuel Cabrera.

Special Guest on Bass: Felipe Andreoli (Angra/Almah) on track "Gold".

Special Guest on Drums: Adriano Daga on track "Musicatele".

Design: Douglas Wolf.

Photos: Tadeu Bara. 

Produced by Lampadinha.
Recorded at Norcal Studios by Brendan Duffey and Adriano Daga, in october, 2011.
Mix and Master by Lampadinha at Mixmastermusic.
All the songs are by Lari Basilio. Track "Hey Brother" are by Lari Basilio and Joe Basilio.